What ASUM Does

The purpose of ASUM is

  • to educate students about the political process;
  • to increase political awareness, concern, and participation among students;
  • to provide the public with information concerning student interests; and,
  • to channel student energy and interest in the governmental decision-making process.


Each spring semester, ASUM hires up to two interns from Missouri S&T to advocate for students in Jefferson City throughout the legislative session.

Voter Registration

Each semester, ASUM heads up initiatives to not only register students to vote, but also to ensure that they have the knowledge to make educated decisions.

Washington, D.C. Visit

The S&T chapter of ASUM annually travels to Washington, D.C. — the nation’s capitol — to discuss the important issues facing students in higher education with the very people who make those decisions.

Annual Survey

The Annual Survey is the foundation upon which ASUM makes decisions regarding its legislative agenda. The Annual Survey is sent to all students via email each April.

Advocacy Day

Although ASUM’s legislative interns weekly lobby on behalf of students, the most impactful way to win the hearts of legislators is by sharing a personal story. Advocacy Day provides students the platform and means to share their stories with legislators face-to-face.