Voter Registration

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ASUM will be registering students to vote this week, March 1st through 5th, in the Havener Center from 11am to 2pm. Enjoy a free doughnut also!


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Legislative Update

Posted in Updates by on February 4th, 2016

ASUM Board of Directors and Advisors,

Session is nearly over, but we have plenty of work ahead of us. Unlike in previous sessions, our team will be working hard down ‘till the very last day of session (and, conveniently, the semester).

Note that the Budget and Student Curator platforms have been omitted from this update, as the former is complete and the latter is terminally stagnant. I will give a full review of the four platforms in my final legislative update in two weeks from now.

Legislative Update

STEM Initiative

SB 873 was Second Read and Referred to the House Higher Education Committee this week. It will be heard in committee on Tuesday. We have laid extensive groundwork for this legislation, and we expect it will be voted Do Pass by a wide margin the same day, and heard and Voted Do Pass by the Select Committee on Education next Thursday.
SB 997, which we had reported would remain clean, was amended Tuesday against our expectations. This in mind, we are actively considering and are likely to attempt to amend SB 873 onto this legislation.

Landlord-Tenant Relations

HB 1442 has been amended onto HB 2257, which has been placed on the Informal Calendar in the Senate. We are actively working to identify and work around some issues that have been brought up regarding the wording and enforcement of this legislation.
Whether or not this legislation passes is very much contingent upon what the Senate decides to prioritize in the coming weeks, and whether or not contention discussions regarding voter identification laws leads to a breakdown of productivity.

Bills: HB 1442, HB 2257, SB 873, SB 997

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Steven Chaffin

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